United Office Systems is an industry leader in office technology by offering best of class products at competitive prices along with a team of highly trained experts. Our organization is always searching for hard working, dedicated individuals interested in making a difference and growing their career.

United Office Systems welcomes excellent candidates to submit their application for the following career opportunities. Please review the positions available and scroll down to submit your resume if you find a description below that describes you!

Administrative Positions Available

Do you have mastery in spelling and grammar skills, computer literacy including a solid working knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel and database management? Are you a professional communicator, organized, schedule oriented, efficient, detailed, team player all while maintaining a positive attitude?

Sales Positions Available

Do you project confidence and are well-liked amongst your peers? Do you often set very high goals for yourself and have the discipline, work ethic, tenacity and resilience to achieve them? Are you highly motivated by numbers? Do you empathize with people? Are you interested in technology and business?

Logistics Positions Available

Do you do your best work under pressure with precision focus? Are you a natural leader who motivates others and demonstrates values such as efficiency, loyalty, trustworthy and leadership? Are you able to execute on client’s needs and prioritize by importance? Do you have an analytical mind and solve problems, even the details?

Service Technician Positions Available

Do you have knowledge, interest or experience with servicing our business solutions products? Are you teachable and able to apply learning to new situations? Do you have a respectful and calm tone when communicating with individuals? Are you self-disciplined, quick problem solver, both logical and creative and interested in technology?