Managed Voice Solutions

What is Managed Voice? Phones are still the dominant means of communication in the workplace. Managed Voice Solutions take the burden of managing your own phone infrastructure and places it in the cloud allowing United Office Systems and Konica Minolta experts to manage, update, and maintain your communications infrastructure so that you can focus on what matters – your business. Managed Voice Solutions allow you to get rid of expensive to maintain on-site PBX equipment while opening up a wide range of communications capabilities such as choosing which devices to receive calls on, easy call forwarding and routing, and instant recording of voice data, 



Managed Voice Solutions with United Office Systems – simplify and easily manage of your communications infrastructure with Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking solutions from Konica Minolta. Easily migrate your existing PBX infrastructure to a robust and reliable all-cloud Hosted PBX solution. Answer calls from any device – not just the phone at your desk! Need a simplified all-in-one solution that blends your voice and data into a single line? SIP Trunking utilizes your existing internet connection to provide voice and data capabilities for your business. From local startups to nationwide corporations – Managed Voice Solutions from Konica Minolta provide will provide your business with a robust and reliable communications network.


Looking for hardware? United Office Systems has you covered. With communications devices from multiple manufacturers including Polycom and Yealink, we can easily tailor your communications experience to your desired preferences. Have existing devices that you would like to use? We can handle that too!

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